30+ hours left and $1200 to go!

We’re very close to our Kickstarter goal and have a bit over two days left. I know we added the incentive only a few days ago, but it’s hard to believe only 3 people want to be listed in the program as a Racist so far. Who knows, the number may yet grow?

The good news is, there is still time to buy a hand-made classic ‘Zine, take out a 1/2 page ad for your business, or even for just $1000 — be the official caviar sponsor of the festival. I don’t know how much it would normally cost to have your company casually mentioned in various newspapers, but I imagine $1000 as an official caviar sponsor is fair — whether you sell automobiles, medicine or pleasure-machines. Either way, your company will shine in the eyes and wallets of the key demographic (humans!).

Last night, while most of you slept, we added one new incentive — a VIP badge (for $15!) that grants you no special access. Still, people will see it around your neck and wonder — does this person somehow have special access? Before you can even say, “No, I don’t,” that moment of curiosity is enough to start a new friendship, or better yet, a serious relationship that leads to a family and possibly a house in Falmouth, MA. Here is a beautiful screen-grab of several of the incentives, some purchased, some so-far left to the side, like a daughter of Lord Walder Frey, but still, surprisingly pretty. Maybe one is right for you?




New Episode of Star Talk about Zombie Apocalypse!

Here’s part one of the latest Star Talk Radio with me, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Max Brooks (author of World War Z), and Dr. Ian Lipkin (Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia).

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New Kickstarter Incentives and video!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our Kickstarter so far! You’re the reason there will be some specials guests and extra fun! Also, let me know if you know of a good place in Boston to rent a baby goat so we can have people take pictures with it.

Enjoy the following viral video/ meme about the new incentives:

We’ve added several new Kickstarter incentives, some that will blow your minds! (IF you happen to be waking up from a coma of 16 years or more):

Eugene will braid your hair!
Beverages, Braids ‘n’ Bone Marrow “tots”- Eugene will do his best to braid your hair. Each backer gets one beverage, two braids and one order of bone marrow “tots”, 6pm at The Sinclair Kitchen on Sunday, June 30th.

Have Eugene call someone and ask them out for you (during the show at the Wilbur)!
Eugene will call someone and ask them out on a date on your behalf, live on stage during the Pretty Good Friends show at The Wilbur. You have to have their phone number.

Go roller-skating with Eugene, Ken Reid and Boston comics!
Come celebrate Ken Reid’s birthday with Eugene and Boston comics at a private roller skating party in a crappy town 20 minutes from Boston on Wednesday night, June 27th.

EUG-‘ZINE (I maybe definitely won’t call it that, you can relax!)
I’m going to make an old fashioned, photocopied ‘Zine with some various writings, photos, concert reviews, and bits & bobs and whoknowswhats!

Eugene will Tweet about you or your company!
Eugene will tweet something that either promotes or makes fun of you or your company to 280,000 followers (some of which are probably bots, but some of which are John Hodgman). Plus the tweet will be printed, framed, and autographed with the inscription, “Welcome to the future of advertising, fuck-face!”

Plus you can still…

Donate money to be called a racist in the program guide!
Submit a photo of yourself to the program and Eugene will write a caption for it!
Buy an autographed VIP Trash Bag that gets you into every show!
Buy a ½ page or full page ad in the program reaching powerful taste-makers and sex addicts!

And much more!

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We’ve Launched a Kickstarter Campaign for EMCF in Boston and Cambridge!

From June 28th to the 30th, some friends and I are doing a Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival in Boston and Cambridge, MA at The Wilbur Theater and The Sinclair. We’ve done our half-sincere-half-ironic festival in Brooklyn for the last 5 years and I’m excited to bring it home (The Sinclair is 3 blocks from where I did standup for the first time right after high school and a few blocks from The Comedy Studio, where I essentially began my comedy career after college).

Along with great acts (Bobcat Goldthwait, Wyatt Cenac, Jon Benjamin, Wesley Stace, Tanya Donelly, Damon and Naomi, Bill Janovitz & Chris Colbourn, Ben Dryer and many more), we often try to do a bunch of free, silly things. This year, aside from covering the various expenses of bringing in and putting up several acts, we’d like to have a baby goat photo-booth, give out red caviar, have a cardboard VIP room open to the audience, bring in special guests and potentially a myriad of other random things, depending on how much extra money we raise. As we did a few years ago, we’re turning to Kickstarter. So, if any of the incentives appeal to you, feel free to give us a little money. If you’re an eccentric thousand-aire, maybe consider being the Official Caviar Sponsor? Thanks. See you in a few weeks.

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Live Shows



Pretty Good Friends at The Bell House on April 3rd!

We’re popping up at The Bell House next week with a show for you! Come and see me, John Hodgman, Wyatt Cenac, Emily Heller and H Jon Benjamin on Wednesday, April 3rd. Tickets are $15 and available HERE. See you then!




Team Coco Podcast

While backstage at Conan, I sat down with Aaron and Jason at Team Coco to do their podcast. Listen here!




New StarTalk Live! Now Online: Satisfying Our Curiosity About Mars (Part 2)

You can now listen to Part 2 of the StarTalk Live with me, Sarah Silverman and Jim Gaffigan talking to Dr. David Grinspoon, a co-investigator on the Radiation Assessment Detector (one of the experiments on the Mars Science Laboratory) about the Curiosity Rover with Neil deGrasse Tyson live at The Bell House on September 14th last year. Check it out!




Me on Conan!

I was on Conan last night and you can watch it here!




StarTalk Live at Town Hall!

Neil deGrasse Tyson and I will be doing another StarTalk Live! on February 27th but this time we’re taking it to Town Hall with some VERY special guests. Tickets go on sale tomorrow but you can use this special ticket link and code DAZZLE to buy tickets today before everyone else!

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New StarTalk Live! Now Online: Satisfying Our Curiosity About Mars (Part 1)

Photo Credit: ©Stacey Severn

Listen to me, Sarah Silverman and Jim Gaffigan talk to Dr. David Grinspoon, a co-investigator on the Radiation Assessment Detector (one of the experiments on the Mars Science Laboratory) about the Curiosity Rover with Neil deGrasse Tyson live at The Bell House on September 14th last year. Part 1 is below, stay tuned for Part 2!