New items in online store + sale!

There’s a bunch of new stuff available in my online store. Looking for a weird thing to own/ give as a gift? Consider this amazing commemorative plate (it says, “I’m gonna kick you so hard in the dick you’re gonna cum fear.”):

I originally made these years ago to sell on a tour with Flight of the Conchords and thought they were all sold out. But it turns out I still have some! I probably won’t make any more commemorative plates (they are very unnecessarily heavy to travel with, though a lot of fun to own).

I also have a handful of ‘Zines I made left over from a recent tour. Like a disenfranchised teenager in 1991, I took a bunch of things I wrote, cut them up, taped them to pieces of paper and photo-coppied them. This 34-page ‘Zine is a collection of odds-and-ends, including, restaurant recommendations, weird lists, skits, photographs, a Reddit monologue I wrote for Samuel Jackson, the original filled-out Cupid bit and other random stuff. The cover is a picture of my pre-school in Moscow from 1977 or so:

Here is also a limited edition screen-printed poster (made on very heavy stock, it would be fair to call the paper “cardboard-esque”) that I made for my recent live-album taping in Seattle:

If you’re looking for something of mine, don’t buy one of those shitty 8x10s on ebay that I’ve maybe autographed for the insanely unreasonable price of $85 that screwballs sell, but maybe get one of these nice, weird things I’ve made. Thanks!

Also, there are a bunch of old posters from past festival and things on sale in the store as well.


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