Pretty Good Friends tour with Daniel Kitson!

I’m going on a short US tour in May with award-winning bearded British comedian Daniel Kitson. This is Kitson’s first US tour ever (he’s done shows only in NYC previously). If you’re wondering if Daniel has been called the “Salinger of stand-up,” the answer is yes. Is he possibly the “reluctant hero of British comedy”? Again, yes. If I say he’s won awards, but are they all impressive foreign awards we Americans don’t know much about? Kind of: Edinburgh Perrier Comedy Award 2002,  the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Barry Award 2007, and The Scotsman Fringe First Award (though I didn’t Google this one, I imagine it’s not easy to win it in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2010). There’s others, but I’ve run out of space! Also, a little while back, he was included in Rolling Stone Magazine’s 50 Funniest People Now. If you’re in any of the cities we’re coming to, you should come.

Here’s a show of Daniel’s from The Stand in Edinburgh 2005 that he put up on Bandcamp. It’s one of the first shows of his I ever saw and I really loved it.

Tour dates are:
May 3, Boston, MA
May 8, Brooklyn, NY
May 9, Ferndale, Michigan
May 11, Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 12, Chicago, Illinois
May 13, Bogart’s in Cincinnati, Ohio
May 14, Nashville, Tennessee

Click HERE for ticket links and more info.

Lastly, here’s John Oliver telling a story of a heroic act of friendship on Daniel’s part:


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