New Kickstarter Incentives and video!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our Kickstarter so far! You’re the reason there will be some specials guests and extra fun! Also, let me know if you know of a good place in Boston to rent a baby goat so we can have people take pictures with it.

Enjoy the following viral video/ meme about the new incentives:

We’ve added several new Kickstarter incentives, some that will blow your minds! (IF you happen to be waking up from a coma of 16 years or more):

Eugene will braid your hair!
Beverages, Braids ‘n’ Bone Marrow “tots”- Eugene will do his best to braid your hair. Each backer gets one beverage, two braids and one order of bone marrow “tots”, 6pm at The Sinclair Kitchen on Sunday, June 30th.

Have Eugene call someone and ask them out for you (during the show at the Wilbur)!
Eugene will call someone and ask them out on a date on your behalf, live on stage during the Pretty Good Friends show at The Wilbur. You have to have their phone number.

Go roller-skating with Eugene, Ken Reid and Boston comics!
Come celebrate Ken Reid’s birthday with Eugene and Boston comics at a private roller skating party in a crappy town 20 minutes from Boston on Wednesday night, June 27th.

EUG-‘ZINE (I maybe definitely won’t call it that, you can relax!)
I’m going to make an old fashioned, photocopied ‘Zine with some various writings, photos, concert reviews, and bits & bobs and whoknowswhats!

Eugene will Tweet about you or your company!
Eugene will tweet something that either promotes or makes fun of you or your company to 280,000 followers (some of which are probably bots, but some of which are John Hodgman). Plus the tweet will be printed, framed, and autographed with the inscription, “Welcome to the future of advertising, fuck-face!”

Plus you can still…

Donate money to be called a racist in the program guide!
Submit a photo of yourself to the program and Eugene will write a caption for it!
Buy an autographed VIP Trash Bag that gets you into every show!
Buy a ½ page or full page ad in the program reaching powerful taste-makers and sex addicts!

And much more!


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