Line-up for the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival 2011!

Here’s the latest line-up for our festival next week. Some shows are sold out, though a few tickets may be released for them later.

Thursday, September 15
An Evening Of Science featuring StarTalk Live
The Bell House / 8PM / $15
with Neil deGrasse Tyson plus Kristen Schaal, Eugene Mirman and John Oliver (unless The Daily Show sends him somewhere) and special guests.

Friday, September 16
Invite Them Up
The Bell House / 8PM / $20
Hosted by Jon Glaser as Bobby Tisdale
Featuring Eugene Mirman, John Mulaney, Slovin and Allen and special guests!

A Night Of Very Likeable Comedians
Union Hall/ 7:30/ $10
Featuring Tom Allen, Tom Shillue, Kurt Braunohler, Seth Herzog, John Mulaney, Jane Borden.

Saturday, September 17
The Archer Variety Hour and Panel
The Bell House / 6PM / $20
Featuring Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Adam Reed, Jessica Walter, Matt Thompson, Amber Nash, Lucky Yates.

The Talent Show Presents: The Drunk Show
The Bell House / 9PM / $20
Hosted by Kevin Townley and Elna Baker
Featuring John Hodgman, Ira Glass, Eugene Mirman, Jen Kirkman, Jessi Klein, Leo Allen, Ptolemy Slocum and more!

A Night Of Very Likable Comedians
Union Hall / 6:30PM / $10
Featuring Ron Funches, Tom Allen, Brent Sullivan, Damien Lemon, Jena Friedman, and Greg Johnson.

The Rick Jenkins Comedy Studio Showcase
Union Hall / 8:30PM / $10
Hosted by Rick Jenkins w/ Mehran Khaghani, Ken Reid, Rick Canavan, Erin Judge, Lamont Price, Matt D., Myq Kaplan, and Gary Gulman.

Sunday, September 18
A Special Food-Themed Comedy Show For You
The Bell House / 6PM / $20
Hosted by Eugene Mirman w/ Sarah Vowell, Larry Murphy, Ron Funches, delicious food, chefs and the world’s first caviar eating contest!

Pretty Good Friends
The Bell House / 9PM / $20
With Eugene Mirman, Michael Showalter, Marc Maron, Hannibal Buress and more!



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    September 16th, 2011 at 3:11 am (#)

  2. Katya Kumkova says:

    How??? How does one enter the caviar-eating contest on Sept. 18??? I have tickets to the event, but will the contestants be pre-selected? Must one have credentials as a caviar-eater? Does being born Russian count?


    Katya Kumkova

    September 16th, 2011 at 3:40 pm (#)

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    [...] whiskey shot special.  This show is supposed to be hosted by Hannibal Burress, who we saw at the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, but for some reason he wasn’t there yesterday.  Considering that the comedy was pretty [...]

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