Bella Center in Copenhagen (COP15)

A few days ago thousands of people (journalists, business folks, NGO reps, etc) were denied access to the Bella Center, where all the negotiations are happening. Much of what’s in the Bella Center (along with the negotiations that few are allowed near) is a trade show, mediocre open-faced sandwiches and people looking for a story that is not always there. I went to the Bella Center and made a little video of my experience. I met a man in a bear suit, gave a presentation to an empty room, and found the unmanned booth of the “United States” and and answered people’s questions about US climate policy. Here’s the video:



  1. erik says:

    Saw this weird guy first on the promos for (only on the website cause he maynotbe a face for tv). But they were always after the Brad Neely comics i was watching so I was prepared for something weird. Glad you’re getting more work and gaining popularity, Eugene. (should i be addressing Eugene directly since this is his website?) ((Too Long acomment and not very nice))

    December 16th, 2009 at 9:10 pm (#)

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